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Features of Vortex Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Vortex pump compared with other types of pumps have the following characteristics:

(1) Vortex pump is the simplest structure of the highest-lift pump. Compared with the same size centrifugal pump, its head is higher than the centrifugal pump 2~4 times; compared with the volumetric pump with the same lift, its size is much smaller and the structure is much simpler.

(2) The efficiency of the vortex pump is very low (due to the large impact loss of the liquid in the flow channel), the highest is not more than 45%, usually 15%~40%. Therefore, it is difficult to make a high-power pump. From today's production of the Vortex pump, the power is generally not more than KW. But the lower than the number of centrifugal pump efficiency is lower than it, therefore, the vortex pump to replace the lower than the number of centrifugal pumps used by many occasions.

(3) Most of the vortex pump has self-priming capacity, some vortex pump can also draw gas or steam liquid mixture.
Specifically, for the closed impeller vortex pump, as long as the installation of a simple additional device that can be self-priming. For the open impeller, closed-flow vortex pump, it has self-priming capacity, usually used for pumping, while the open impeller, open flow of the vortex pump is used for conveying liquids, can not be self-priming. Usually these two pumps are assembled together, the former as a vacuum pump and the latter as a working pump. For example, the refueling vehicle's vortex pump, there are other structural vortex pumps.