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Maintenance knowledge of Submersible Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

1. Replacement of lubricating oil: respectively open the seal chamber and motor internal oil hole screws, sealed indoor and motor internal lubricating oil all out, replace the new oil, to ensure that the lubrication system work properly.

2. Inspection of vulnerable parts: submersible pump impeller, buckle ring, bushings, housings, etc. are vulnerable parts. The first part of the pump should be removed, check the vulnerable parts are intact. The use of damaged and unqualified spare parts is strictly prohibited.

3. Dismantle the pump shell to prevent rust: Before using in spring, should take apart the most upper level pump shell, turns the impeller to turn on the start, prevents the part to rust not to be able to start normally and burns the motor. This maintenance is particularly important for water-filled motors.

4. Ensure the seal: agricultural submersible pump to seal the requirements are very strict, in the replacement of sealed indoor lubricants, if found oily turbidity and high water content, you must replace or replace the whole seal box or seal ring, to ensure that its sealing performance is good.

5. Ensure bearing lubrication: the water-filled submersible pump should be inspected to replace the upper and lower end of the cover bearing chamber skeleton oil seal and lithium base grease. To ensure that the bearing for a long time in a good lubrication condition.