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Selection of Screw pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Screw pump because of its variable transmission, strong self-priming ability, reversible, can transport liquid containing solid particles, etc., in the sewage treatment plant, widely used in the transport of water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid. Screw pump selection should follow the principle of economic, reasonable and reliable. If in the design of the choice of consideration, will give future use, management, maintenance brings trouble, so select a production according to the actual needs, reasonable and reliable screw pump can ensure the smooth production, but also reduce repair costs.

Screw Pump Speed Selection:
The flow rate of screw pump is linearly related to the speed of screw pump, although the high speed screw pump can increase the flow and the head, but the power obviously increases, the high speed accelerates the rotor and the stator attrition, must make the screw pump premature failure, moreover the high speed screw pump's stator rotor length is very short, extremely easy to wear, Thus, the service life of the screw pump is shortened.

Through the deceleration mechanism or stepless speed regulation mechanism to reduce the speed, so that its speed to maintain at 300 per cent below the more reasonable range, compared with the high-speed operation of the screw pump, the service life can be extended several times.

Ensure that sundries do not enter the pump body:
The solid sundries mixed in the wet sludge will cause damage to the rubber material stator of the screw pump, so to ensure that the debris does not enter the pump cavity is very important, many sewage plant in front of the pump installed a grinder, but also some installation grille device or strainer, blocking debris into the screw pump, for the grille should be cleared in time to avoid clogging.