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The safe use of screw pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

When the screw pump stops, the discharge stop valve should be closed first, and the suction stop valve should be closed after the pump is completely stopped.

The connection to the shafting must be in good alignment; it is best to work in the installation after positioning, so as to avoid the pipeline caused by deformation, connection pipe should be independent fixed, as far as possible to reduce the involvement of the pump. In addition, the spare screw, in the preservation of the best use of hanging fixed method to avoid the deformation caused by uneven placement.

The screw pump should be started when the suction row stop valve is fully open to prevent overload or suction.

Although the screw pump has the dry absorption ability, but must prevent the dry turn, lest scratches the work surface.

If the pump needs to start when the oil temperature is low or the viscosity is high, screw pump should be in the suction valve and the bypass valve fully open under the circumstances, so that the pump start when the lowest load, until the original motive to achieve the rated speed, and then gradually closed the bypass valve.

Screw pump must be in accordance with the established direction of operation to produce a certain suction row.

Pump work, should pay attention to check pressure, temperature and mechanical shaft seal work.