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The structure of the vortex pump is simple
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Vortex pump is a type of vane pump. In terms of principle and structure, it is not the same as centrifugal and axial flow pump, because it is by impeller rotation to make the liquid vortex movement of the role of inhalation and discharge liquid, so called the vortex pump.

Vortex pump main components are impeller, pump body, pump cover and their composition of the annular flow, the vortex pump impeller is different from the centrifugal pump impeller, it is a kind of ocean ships with radial blades of the disc. Liquid from the suction tube into the runner, and through the rotation of the impeller to obtain energy, is transported to the discharge pipe, complete the work of the pump process.

The 6~50 of the vortex pump is usually between the two. It is a small flow, high-lift pump, suitable for conveying viscosity is not more than 5°e, no solid particles, no impurities in liquid or gas-liquid mixtures.

Vortex pumps are commonly used in petroleum and chemical industry, especially in the fields of man-made fibres, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and small boiler feedwater.