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Vortex pump is becoming more and more widely used
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Vortex pumps are also widely used in many sectors of the national economy, such as:

(1) in the chemical industry to transport acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids, requires a pump with small flow, high-lift, slow chemical reaction speed and high corrosion resistance. Because of the simple work parts of the vortex pump, it is easy to achieve the above requirements.

(2) Pumping medium density of liquids (such as petrol, alcohol, etc.). Because these liquids are easy to evaporate, so pumping for the vapor-liquid mix, such as the airport, car refueling stations, and even aircraft fuel. Vortex pump can carry out vapor-liquid mixing, in the above cases, the general time is short.

(3) Pumping liquid containing gas, pumping liquid containing high elasticity gas (such as propane, butane, etc.). The liquid that is partially evaporated in the suction tube is pumped.

(4) For small automatic pumping stations, agricultural water supply.

(5) Used in urban public construction, such as booster pump, home water and so on.

(6) Replace the liquid ring pump as truthful pump and low pressure compressor.

(7) Used for steam out and marine washing, water, fire and other ancillary equipment.

(8) For small boiler auxiliary equipment for water supply.