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Working principle of Vortex pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Vortex pump refers to the impeller for the outer part with many small blades of the whole wheel, liquid in the blade and pump body in the flow path repeatedly do vortex movement pump. Although the vortex pump belongs to the category of blade machinery, its working process, structure and characteristic curve are different from centrifugal pump and other types of pumps.

Vortex pump impeller Milling many radial blades. The impeller end face is close to the pump body, and its axial clearance is 0.10~0.15mm. The runner consists of an annular cavity between the impeller, the pump body and the pump cover. A section of the suction inlet and outlet of a runner separated by a parting tongue. The radial clearance between the tongue and impeller is very small to prevent the outlet of high-pressure liquid from discharging to suction inlet. The Open vortex pump blade is longer, the diameter of the blade is smaller than the inner diameter of the runner, and the liquid enters the impeller from the suction inlet, and then enters the runner. The impeller of the closed vortex pump is shorter and the inner diameter of the blade is equal to the inner diameter of the runner. The liquid enters the runner from the suction inlet, then enters the impeller from the impeller outer circumference.