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Basic Working Principle Of Screw Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Screw pump is the use of the rotary screw to suction the discharge of liquid.

Due to the mutual engagement of each screw and the close fit between the screw and liner, the suction inlet and outlet of the pump are separated into one or more sealed spaces. As the screw rotates and engages, these sealed spaces are formed at the suction end of the pump, sealing the liquid in the suction room into which, and from the suction home along the screw axis continuously to the discharge end, will be closed in the space of the liquid continuously discharged, as if a nut in the thread when the rotation was pushed forward in the situation, This is the basic working principle of screw pump.

Screw pump work, the liquid is inhaled into the thread and pump shell enclosed by the sealing space, when the active screw rotation, screw pump seal volume in the screw tooth extrusion to improve the screw pump pressure, and moving along the axis. Because the screw is equal speed rotation, so the flow of liquid discharge is even.