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Maintenance Of Deep Well Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Electric pump operation should always observe the current, voltmeter and water flow, and strive to electric pump in the rated operating conditions.

The application valve adjusts the flow rate, the lift cannot overload the operation.

To constantly observe the instrument, check the electrical equipment every half a month to click the insulation resistance, the resistance value of not less than 0.5 trillion euro.

Each period of irrigation and drainage (2,500 hours) to carry out a maintenance protection, replacement of the wearing parts.

Lifting and handling of electric pump:
Disconnect the cable from the power supply.
Use the installation tool to gradually remove the outlet pipe, gate valve, Bend pipe, and the clamp tube plate to tighten the next section of the pipe, so that, in turn, the pump will be removed from the shaft. (in the lifting process found that the card can not be forced to lift, should be up and down the activities of the Customer service card point Security crane unloading)
Remove the wire board, filter the water network and cut the cable from the lead and the tri-core cable or the flat cable connector.
Remove the coupling lock ring, unscrew the fixing screws, remove the connecting bolts, and separate the motor and water pump.
Release the motor to fill the water.
The demolition of the pump: with the removal of the wrench, left spin off the water section, with the demolition tube in the lower part of the pump cone, the impeller loose, remove the impeller, cone sleeve, remove the guide shell, so that in turn unloading the impeller, the Guide shell, the upper guide shell, check valve and so
Motor disassembly: In turn, remove the base, thrust bearing, push plate, the lower guide bearing seat connecting seat, water shake, remove the rotor, removed up to the housing, stator and so on.