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Mechanical Use Of Submersible Pumps
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Submersible pump in the use before the choice is very important, according to the actual situation of the water and working hours and pump water requirements to select the model of the pump. The first is to choose the head is greater than the gap between the intake and outlet, followed by the pump flow to meet the requirements of drainage and irrigation.

Use environmental requirements
1. Have a safe and reliable power supply.
2. Outlet and pool water drop less than lift.
3. Choose a relatively clean source of water.

1. Submersible pumps should be in the design of working conditions point. The axial force is moderate at this time. Pump efficiency is highest. Most economical and reliable.
2. Submersible pump every 8 hours to run a comprehensive inspection. There is no change in the instruments. Whether the circuit node is hot. Sound is normal. Whether the normal operating current is greater than the rated value of the motor brand.

Stop pump
Submersible pump before downtime. To prevent the backflow of water. Close the valve while cutting off the power supply. Reboot at intervals of more than 20 minutes.