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Operation Technology Of Deep Well Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Deep well pump should be used in the sand content of less than 0.01% of the clear water, pump room equipped with a water tank, capacity should meet a start-up of the amount of water.

New or after the overhaul of the deep well pump, should adjust the pump shell and impeller clearance, impeller in operation shall not rub with the shell.

The deep pump should be run into the shaft and the shell body of the bearing before running.

Before the deep pump starts, the inspection item should meet the following requirements:
1. Base bolts are fastened;
2. The axial clearance meets the requirement, the safety nut of the adjusting bolt is installed;
3. The packing gland has been tightened and lubricated;
4. The motor bearing has been lubricated;
5. Rotary motor rotor and stop mechanism are flexible and effective.

Deep pump should not be idling without water. The change of water level in the well should be observed frequently in operation.

In operation, when it is found that there is a large vibration around the foundation, should check the bearing of the pump or the wear of motor filling place; When the wear is too much and leakage, should replace the new one.

Has sucked, has discharged the mud sand the deep well pump, before stops the pump, the application water washes cleanly.

Before stopping the pump, should close the water valve, cut off the power, lock the switch box. Winter stop, should be put out of the water pump.