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The Advantages Of Screw Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Screw pump is a volumetric type of rotor pump, it relies on the screw and liner formed by the volume of the seal cavity to inhale and discharge liquid.

Screw pump has the following advantages:
Wide range of pressure and flow. Pressure is about 3.4-340 kilograms Force cm 2, the flow can reach 100cm3/points;
The type and viscosity range of the transporting liquid is broad;
Because of the low inertia force of the rotary parts in the pump, it can use a high speed.
Good inhalation performance, with self-priming ability;
The flow is even continuous, small vibration, low noise;
Less sensitive to incoming gas and dirt than other rotary pumps;
Solid structure, easy to install and maintain.

The disadvantage of screw pump is that the processing and assembly of the screw is higher, and the performance of the pump is sensitive to the change of the viscosity of the liquid.