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The Application Of Deep Well Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Deep-pump is the motor and water pump directly linked to the water to work the lifting machine, it is suitable for the extraction of groundwater from deep wells, can also be used in rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water projects: mainly used for farmland irrigation and highland mountainous areas of livestock and water, but also for cities, factories, railways, mines, sites for drainage use. As the deep well pump is the motor and pump body directly into the water running, its safety and reliability will directly affect the use of well pumping and work efficiency, so the safe and reliable performance of high wells pumps also become the first choice.

In the underground water source heat pump air conditioning system, often a deep pump water supply can meet two or more heat pump units required water.

The frequency conversion speed regulation technology has the remarkable energy-saving effect and the reliable control way in the air conditioning system the pump and the fan application more, and its technology is also relatively mature, but in the underground water source heat pump air conditioning system deep well water application, but is very necessary.

The temperature difference control method is adopted in deep pump. Because the heat pump unit in the heating condition, must ensure that the evaporator effluent temperature can not be too low, so in the deep pump backwater pipe set temperature sensor, set temperature for TJH. When the water source side backwater temperature is greater than the TJH value, the deep well pump controller sends down the current frequency signal to the inverter, the frequency of the input power is reduced, the number of the pump is reduced, the water supply quantity, the shaft power and the input power of the motor are reduced, thus the energy saving is achieved When the water source side backwater temperature is lower than the TJH value, the frequency modulation.