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The Installation Of Deep Well Pump
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Pre-Installation Preparation
(1) First check the diameter of wells, the depth of static water and whether the power supply system meets the conditions of use.
(2) Check whether the electric pump rotation is flexible, should be no card dead point, separate the motor and electric pump application coupling connection, pay attention to tighten the top wire.
(3) Open the exhaust and water injection screw plug, to the motor cavity filled with water, pay attention to prevent false full, good screw plug. There should be no leakage.
(4) Measurement of motor insulation with 500 v-volt meter.
(5) should be equipped with the appropriate lifting tools, such as tripod, hanging chain and so on.
(6) installed protection switch and start equipment, instantaneous starting motor (not more than 1 seconds), to see whether the motor steering and steering signs the same, if the contrary, the replacement of any two connectors can be, and then a good wire board and worry about the water network, ready to go well. When the motor is connected with the water pump, it must be poured into the water from the pump outlet to be activated when it is pumped out from the inlet.

(1) First in the pump outlet to install a pump tube section, and splint clamp, hanging up into the well, so that the splint is located in the rig.
(2) Then use a splint to clamp another section of the pipe. Then the lifting, lowering with the water pipe flange plus rubber pad phase, screw screws must be diagonal at the same time. Lifting the chain to remove the first splint, so that the pump tube drop splint and fell on the rig. In turn, the installation, down well, until all installed, put on the manhole cover, the last of the splint will not be removed and put it on the manhole cover.
(3) Install elbow, gate valve, outlet and so on, and add the corresponding rubber pad seal.
(4) The cable should be fixed in the groove of the water supply pipe flange, each rope is fixed well, the process should be careful, not to touch the cable.
(5) Under the pump if there is a stuck phenomenon, to think of overcoming the card point, can not forcibly under the pump, lest the card die.
(6) The installation is strictly prohibited personnel down the well operation.
(7) Protection switch and starting equipment should be installed in the user's power distribution plate, the distribution panel has voltmeter, Ammeter, led, and placed in the well room in the appropriate location.